This year Both The New Roberto Clemente Middle School and The Napier Academy took part in the ……….

TeenEqualityWheel2 “Healthy Relationship” Workshop!  On March 17th the 7th grade students at the New Roberto Clemente School and again on April 21st  63  8th grader students at the Napier Academy participated in these workshops .  At both events the Full Service Community School Health Centers’ Behavioral Health Team provided psychoeducation on identifying characteristics of healthy and unhealthy interpersonal relationships.

“The Full Service Community Schools envisions a school environment where all students engage in healthy behaviors in their social settings with family, peers, teachers, and other adults across their life course development.” Melissa Elliott, LCSW, Director of the Behavioral Health Program at the FSCS Health Center and MSW Internship Team!

The goal of this workshop was to inspire and seek ways to help reduce the prevalence of dysfunctional, abusive and violent relationships among adolescents through visual tools and interaction.

Melissa  wishes to begin these workshops (Hygiene, Mindfulness, and Healthy Relationships in early fall in all the Full Service Community Schools since they have been so positively appreciated by students and staff. A huge “thank you” to Melissa and her team!