Pediatric Health Centers

For more information about getting your child signed up with FSCS Health Center, or to schedule an appointment contact the Treatment Coordinators at your school:

School 5: Nargish Akther and Masum Begum : 973-321-2273, 973-321-2275

NRC: Jenny Cepeda: 973-321-1000 Ext. 22489

School 6: Diane Savage: 973-321-1000 Ext: 20648

Schol 15: Shalika Ulloa: 973-321-1000 Ext. 10155

Napier Academy: Victoria Vargas:973-321-1000 Ext. 20406

School 2: Alice Miranda: 973-321-1000 Ext. 20273

Joh F. Kennedy High School Complex:  Brenda Clark: 973-321-1000 Ext. 50034



Additional Contacts

Denise Hajjar, M.S., Health Center  Director :    Email:

Woodland Park Pediatrics: Dr.Mannan Razzak:

205 Browertown Rd #001, Woodland Park, NJ 07424




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